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Exile Island Episode 1

Greetings Survivor Fans,

Well, what did you think about that opener? Looks like we're in for another exciting ride this season with lots of surprises. :)

Did you have any inkling of an idea that one of the potentially strongest players would be the first to go? We sure didn't. What did you think about the strategy behind their choice?

So, did you figure out what exactly was the clue that Jeff said he'd already told Misty? Why did she think it was buried?

We've had a chance to see them all in action now. What's your assessment of the new players? Did anyone stand out for you as having great potential or maybe so quirky that they'd stand out too much?

Did you think Dan might have been a little too eager to tell someone that he was an astronaut? What was your reaction to Coutney's turtle ceremony or Aras' energy demonstration? We definitely have some unique characters this season.

Jo Ann picked Melinda as next to go. Stacy thinks it will be Bobby.

Now it's your turn. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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You can also send us your input in an email, and we'll read it into the show when we record. Lastly, there's a link for comments on the web page here. You can click that link and post your thoughts out there for everyone to see.

The music this week is dedicated to excellent beginnings. Here's a link to the artist in case you want to learn more about them.
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Show Notes
00:00 Date for iPod Shuffle Users
00:05 Intro Music: Romany Dance Gitano Flamenco by hellozero
00:45 Introductions
02:54 The Four Tribes
06:39 Reward Challenge
08:47 Exiled!
12:00 Post Reward/pre-Immunity Challenge
18:50 Immunity Challenge
22:35 Post Immunity/pre-Tribal Council
29:35 Tribal Council
31:20 Next on Survivor
36:23 Our picks for next to go
41:19 Requesting Listener Feedback
43:16 Outro Music: Romany Dance Gitano Flamenco by hellozero

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