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Cook Islands: Episode 5

Ok, let's try this again.
Who is really in charge at Rarotonga now? After episode 4, we thought it was clearly the women.
Now, we're not so sure.
As Listener Bob in Minnesota pointed out last week. Female alliances are rarely sustainable.
Do you think they will really be able to regroup and come back to win after losing their weakest physical player?

Survivor Pop Quiz:

1) When is it ok to say you're weak or ready to leave the game?
2) When is it ok to tell everyone that the hidden immunity idol is no longer on Exile Island?
3) When is it a good idea to talk incessantly or to boss others around?
4) When is it a good idea to paddle out almost 4 miles in a small boat to go adventuring?

There are quite a few Survivors this season that could really use some help with the answers. :)

Check this out! Listener Graham in Scotland broke out some Google Earth topography skills and figured out how far the three stooges from Aitu had to paddle to get to Raro's island.

From Aitu to Raro

Here are the tribes after episode 5.
Aitutaki: Becky, Candice, Cao Boi, Jessica, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, and Yul
Rarotonga: Adam, Brad, Cristina, Jenny, Nathan, Parvati, and Rebbeca

We're finally going to get a double elimination in episode 6. We think it will be Cao Boi on Aitu and and Cristina is our pick for Raro.

Who are your picks for next to get voted out?

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The intro this week is dedicated to everyone that had to listen to Cao Boi. The outro music is dedicated to Cao Boi, Cristina, Jonathan, Jessica, Nate, Ozzy and Stephannie. Perhaps it's a group case of dehydration affecting their mental faculties. Here's a link to the artists in case you want to learn more about them.
Shut Up by 77 South
Dumb by Wylde Bunch

00:01 Date
00:05 Shut Up by 77 South
01:24 Introductions
03:00 Episode Recap and Observations
31:44 Next Week on Survivor
34:03 JSFL Update
41:39 Dumb by Wylde Bunch

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