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Samoa JABBIC Part 2

The first episode of Survivor Samoa is almost here, and we have another treat to make the time pass faster. How do your "first impressions" stack up against this group of Survivor Super Fans?

This is Part II of our "Judge a Book by its Cover" show. Twenty nine fans, just like you, recorded their perspective on the new cast including their choice of favorites, who's most likely to get voted out first, make the merge, and even win it all.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to another great JABBIC show. This week we heard from: John, Wendy, Helen, Doug, Jaimes, Samantha, Shane, Maria, Sandi, Drew, Becca, Fancy, Brandon, Susan, Ian, Debbie, Surya, Holly, Tammy, Carol, Drew, Brian, Jeremiah, Tim, Taz, MikeK, Paul, Kimberly and Chris.

Need to contact us? We've got several ways you can reach out with a question or comment. You can call and leave a voicemail at: 206-350-1547. You can record an audio comment and attach it or just type up a quick text message and send it to us via email at Lastly, there's a link for comments on the web page here. You can click that link and post your thoughts out there for everyone to see.

If you're interested in participating in the JSFL, our own, private Survivor fantasy league, you can register at the new JSFL website:

JSFL Registration.

The prize this season will be similar to last season, e.g. a Survivor t-shirt or buff. Not sure what the JSFL is? Check out the links section below for the rules we will be using and the results from last season.


We use Mad Sumo's "On the Grill" as our intro and outro tune for the JABBIC shows.

00:02 Date
00:05 On the Grill by Madsumo
00:42 Introductions
01:40 John from Houston
06:50 Windy from South Dakota
07:40 Helen from Virginia
09:02 Doug from Fort Worth
12:32 Jaimes from ?
15:54 Samanatha from California
21:40 Shane from Melbourne
27:50 Maria from Wisconsin
29:26 Sandi from Georgia
32:24 Drew from New Jersey
34: Becca from England
37:38 Fancy from California
43:03 Brandon from North Carolina
45:10 Susan from Hawaii
47:40 Ian from Ottawa
53:18 Debbie from Vancouver, WA
54:52 Surya from ?
55:44 Holly from Oceanside,CA
59:36 Tammy from Grand Rapids, MI
66:24 Carol from Davis
69:25 Drew from Utah
74: Brian from Dallas, TX
78:30 Jeremiah from Missouri
82:30 Tim from Georgia
88:08 Taz from Louisiana
91:14 MikeK from SoCal
93:40 Paul from Louisiana
97:02 Kimberly from Tokyo
99:01 Chris from Alabama
104:40 Tim's JSFL Throwdown Challenge
107:23 On the Grill by Madsumo

Links for Today's Show
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