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One World Episode 5

Tribal shuffles are an opportunity to reset the game and really test whether a castaway can adapt and improvise. Depending on the outcome, they can spell the death of a solid alliance or protect an existing one and just supply new vote out fodder. The random draw appears to have resulted in some seriously unbalanced tribes this time out. New Salani appears to be stacked with both physical and mental advantages as well as a decent shelter and plentiful food. On top of having two members that do no work around camp, New Manono was burdened with having to start over and build a new camp. It is too soon to say for sure, but given the return of some seriously physical challenges, it seems likely that we might be in for a old school "Pagonging" of New Manono.

Who do you think is in a more powerful position now: Kim or Colton? Do you prefer to see a random reorder or a schoolyard pick-em when it comes to shuffling the tribes? Does New Manono stand a chance in future challenges? Is there anyone on that tribe you are still cheering for? What would you do if you were in Christina's position? Who do you think will leave on a medical evacuation? Could you award a million dollars to someone who could not remember your name? What if the other options to choose from were Alicia and Colton?

Here are the tribes after episode 5.
New Salani:Chelsea, Jay, Kat, Kim, Michael, Sabrina and Troy
New Manono:Alicia, Christina, Colton, Greg, Jonas and Leif

For the medical evacuation, we think it might be Greg/Tarzan. If they opt for a double elimination and still go to Tribal Council, we think Christina will finally get the boot. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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