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Philippines Episode 11 LF

How many shows that you watch have ever prompted you to want to write a song about them? How many of the shows that you watch cause you to get so anxious at the outcome that your heart starts racing or cause you to end up yelling at the T.V.? Survivor does that for lots of us, and it was great to hear your stories and predictions based on your experience watching episode 11 this week. Special thanks to EMP for sharing his awesome "O Penner" tribute song.

For each episode, we provide 3 podcasts: an episode recap, an interview with the castoff, and a chance for Survivor fans like yourself to sound off on what you saw and how you think the castaways are fairing in the game. Twenty five fans shared their thoughts on episode 11 and predictions for what we'll see next.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to another great Listener Feedback show. This week we heard from: EMP, BrandonB, Jennifer, Josh, Lil' Russ, Samantha, Mitch, Windy, Eric, BrandonA, Mark, Sandi, Nicki, Drew, Ryan, Rashmi, Michael, Brian, Jeremiah, Clifton, Barry, Christy, Sillymoose, Jody, and Jen.

We've got several ways you can reach us. You can call and leave a voicemail at 206-350-1547. You can record an audio comment and attach it or just type up a quick text message and send it to us via email at

00:00 Date
00:04 Ancient Voices Philippines by Russ Landau
00:28 Introductions
02:24 EMP singing O Penner
04:50 BrandonB from Brooklyn
07:08 Jennifer and Sally the Cat
08:30 Josh the Plush Moose
12:15 Lil' Russ
15:05 Samantha from California
17:30 Mitch
20:08 Windy from South Dakota
21:42 Eric from Taiwan
23:20 BrandonA from Cleavland, OH
26:46 Boston Mark
28:58 Sandi from Atlanta, GA
30:18 Nicki from Oregon
33:04 DrewG from Utah
37:00 Ryan from Convina, CA
40:28 Rashmi from Perth, Australia
43:35 Michael from Utah
46:00 Brian from from Madison, WI
48:05 Jeremiah from St. Louis, MO
51:06 Clifton from Houston, TX
54:20 Barry from Mississippi
55:37 Christy from Los Angeles, CA
58:34 Sillymoose
59:28 Jody from Brisbane, Australia
61:47 Jen from California
64:37 Wrap Up
67:15 Ancient Voices Philippines Extended Version by Russ Landau

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