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Caramoan Episode 6

OK, it is high time to rescue this season. With Lazy and Crazy gone, we can get back to some classic Survivor goodness. It started with a random shuffling of the tribes. We tend to favor the schoolyard pick'em option because it also reveals a pecking order, but neither that nor random egg cracking can guarantee balanced tribes. These new tribes are about as far from balanced as you can get. It's not clear that the New Bikal tribe stands any chance of winning a physical or endurance challenge.

Who do you think will be impacted the most by the shuffle? Did anyone's chances to make it to the end dramatically improve? Will the Favs alliance hold strong across both new tribes? Who do you think will last longer: Reynold or Sherri? Will Phillip be successful in eliminating Corinne? Are Dawn and Cochran calling the shots at New Bikal? What would be your strategy for staying sane around Phillip?

Here are the tribes after episode 6.
New Bikal:Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Julia, Michael, and Phillip
New Gota:Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm , and Reynold, and Sherri

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