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Drop your buffs and hope for the best because many elements of Survivor come down to the pure luck of the draw. If it goes your way, you might end up on a tribe like new Ta Keo that will likely dominate the challenges and may never go to Tribal Council. If you end up on a tribe like Angkor, at a beach with no resources, about the most you can count on is having a good story to tell if you make it out alive and still in the game before the merge. How do you feel about the new tribes?

Who gained the most from the shuffle? Do you think Jeremy will keep the HII to himself? Will Varner be able to recover? How far do you think Abi will make it in the game now? Will the original alliances survive the shuffle? Who do you think will be next to go?

Here are the new tribes after episodes 3.
New Ta Keo:Ciera, Joe, Kass, Keith, KWent, and Terry
New Bayon:Jeremy, KWig, Kimmi, Monica, Spencer, and Stephen
Angkor:Abi, Savage, Varner, Woo and Tasha

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00:04 Ancient Voices 31 Cambodia mix by Aaron from Granville
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41:44 JSFL Update
49:27 Ancient Voices 31 Cambodia mix by Aaron from Granville

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