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Survivor season 32, Kaoh Rong: Brains Beauty Brawn II, is off to a good start! It looks like we have some promising castaways and we enjoyed the creative, new "community" challenge. We were relieved to not see someone get medi-vaced right out of the gate, although the part with Jennifer and the ear worm made us very uncomfortable. We got to see several people with bad sunburns, some of them were flirting with dehydration and heat exhaustion, so it's not going to be surprising if someone does get into trouble.

How did your assessments of the new castaways change once you saw them in action? What did you think about Debbie's bragging about her skills and Tai's choice to hunt for the HII? Have they done irreparable damage to their game? Who do you think is currently in control of each tribe? Who would you have kept: Alecia or Darnell? Who do you think will be next to go?

Here are the tribes after episodes 1.
Gondol/Beauty:Anna, Caleb, Julia, Michele, Nick, and Tai
To Tang/Brawn:Alecia, Cydney, Jennifer, Kyle, and Scot
Chan Loh/Brains:Aubry, Debbie, Joseph, Liz, Neal, and Peter

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00:04 Ancient Voices 32 Kaoh Rong mix by Aaron from Granville
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49:18 JSFL Update
58:28 Ancient Voices 32 Kaoh Rong mix by Aaron from Granville

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