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Once again we see a castaway in a position of power squander it away and alienate their allies because they lacked the discipline to manage it wisely and not lord it over the others. Thanks to Survivor's ability to shine a light on all aspects of human nature, it often is able to deliver a life lesson over the course of a season and sometimes in a single episode. Be careful what you choose to rail against lest you become the thing you despise.

How do you think this episode's events impacted Aubry's game? Who's a better goat now, Joe or Tai? Who improved their final tribal story the most this week? How do you feel about an all female final tribal? Which would be better this season, a final two or three? Who do you think will be next to go?

Here is the merged tribe after episode 12.
Dara: Aubry, Joe, Cydney, Michele, Tai

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00:04 Ancient Voices 32 Kaoh Rong mix by Aaron from Granville
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45:19 Ancient Voices 32 Kaoh Rong mix by Aaron from Granville

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