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Hi Again!

Here's our third show that looks back at episode 2 of Survivor Palau. This season is progressing well, but we're conerned that we don't get to see more of the human interactions. The producers appear to have decided to focus more on the action events for this season. The "in camp" segments seem short, fragmented, and a few survivors don't appear to be getting any air time at all. The challenges continue to be more difficult than most of the events we have seen in the past. It looks like voting off the weaklings is the best route to go if this keeps up.

Our accuracy for picking the next person voted off took a turn for the worse this week. Neither of us picked the person that got voted off, but it appears from her parting comments that she was ready to leave.

So, the show's good and keeping us entertained and adding the whole podcast aspect has been a big boost to the fun factor. Truth be told, we are having as much fun creating these shows as we are watching the TV show. This last week was extra fun from an operational angle. We had a blast watching the download counter hit a milestone. We ended up with 122 downloads for our second show and 66 for the original premiere show. It will be interesting to see if anyone hangs around to listen to this one. :)

Leave us a comment and let us know who you think will get voted off next. It's easy. Just click the comment link for this post and type away. If you prefer email, you can reach us at:

We really would like to hear from you. Record an audio comment, attach it to the email you send us so we can integrate it into our next show. The inbox on the gmail account is 1GB, so don't be shy. Share away.:)

Jo Ann and Stacy

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Hello Survivor Fans!

Survivor is back and and it started off with a zinger of an opening. Two contestants booted out within the first 15 mins of the show in a way that makes us think back to embarrasing scenes on the playground in grade school. I have to admit that I was surprised that one of the young and beautiful was dismissed so quickly. Not a single one of my picks from the premiere show was accurate, while Jo Ann nailed one of hers on the first call and her other two looked poised to go next should their team lose immunity.

Our first impression of Jolanda was fairly accurate. She did turn out to be too brash for her own good. Of course you can never tell with how things get edited. We never see the whole story do we? :)

Listen to the show and let us know what you think. I'm sure we'll be talking about this at work tomorrow. We would love to hear your views on the first episode too.

The easiest way to respond is just to click on the comment link. If you prefer email, you can reach us at: Jo Ann and Stacy Show!.

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Jo Ann and Stacy

P.S. We also want to say a big thanks to the folks over at Podcast Alley. They added our show to their podcast directory and we've already seen several folks drop by and download it.
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Hi everyone!

This is our premiere show and we're glad you stopped by to check it out. You can listen to the show by clicking on the POD icon or on the JASS20050215.mp3 filename down below.

We really enjoy watching the TV show Survivor and thought it might make a good centerpiece for a weekly show. Each week after a new episode airs, we’ll record our view of what happened and include predictions and hopefully responses from you too. See if you agree with our predictions for who the first three to leave the show will be.

Our first episode focuses on our impressions of the contestants for Survivor Palau from reviewing their pictures and brief descriptions on the website. We had fun offering our opinions on what each contestant's chances might be based solely on first impressions.

Our next show should be out Friday after the first TV episode airs.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the show. You can leave a quick comment by clicking the comment link below or email us here Jo Ann and Stacy Show!.

You can send a normal email or record and attach your own audio comment that we can include in the next show. :)

Jo Ann and Stacy
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