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Survivor Fans Podcast

Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. Created in 2005, the Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering Season 46, their 37th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

Merry Christmas from the Jo Ann and Stacy Show

Dec 26, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

We put together a little holiday routine for you.
Jo Ann and Stacy's Elf Dance Duo

Thanks to Graham in Scotland and Paul in Louisiana for the inspiration.

Thanks to OfficeMax for the awesome gift of: Elf Yourself

Happy Holidays,
Jo Ann and...

Dec 22, 2006

It's time for us to gather together one more time for a look back at Survivor 13: Cook Islands.

Fancy, Claudia, James, Brad, Paul, Dave, Kurt, Rob, Bob, Carol, Tim, Mike, Graham, and Brian help us close out the season with their perspective on the Finale.

That's it for us on Survivor Cook Islands. We're officially...

Dec 18, 2006

The Aitu 4 held strong and persevered all the way to the end.  That will certainly go down in Survivor history as one of the greatest comebacks ever. Who (besides Carol) would have thought they could overcome being outnumbered 8 to 4 back in episode 8?

Congratulations to Yul, winner Survivor Cook...

Dec 17, 2006

The listeners have spoken so here's another show to fill that Sunday morning gap before the finale.

Today we hear from: Paul, Brad, Hanna, Bob, Carol, Dave, and Mike.

We love hearing what you thought about each episode, and we've got several ways you can reach us. You can call and leave a voicemail at...

Dec 16, 2006

I vote we rename this episode to: "A remarkable talent for stating the completely obvious"

In case you missed it. It turns out that Ozzy and Parvati represent a threat in the challenges as well as the end game, and Adam needs to win challenges.

Do you think there's any stopping Ozzy at this point?

Is there a chance...