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Survivor Fans Podcast

Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. Created in 2005, the Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering Season 46, their 37th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

May 13, 2005

Welcome Back Survivor Fans,

Listener Feedback
This was our best week yet for listener feedback. Dave chimed in via the comments section of the last show. You can scroll down and click the comments field to see exactly what he had to say. Sandy expected Katie would be the next one to leave. Bill provided a great, detailed prediction that covered the challenges as well as his expectation that Jenn would be the next to leave. Enzo is back with an audio update that we added directly into the show itself. He did a great job of assembling it and included intro/outro music as well as a title, "Do the Shuffle". We initially thought we might need to cut it down to specific clips, but after checking our storage budget, we decided to just include the whole thing for everyone to enjoy. Great job Enzo! Thanks again to all of you. It's the community aspect of this that makes it really special. We'd love to hear from more of you.

Come on. There's only one show left. Who's your pick for final three, final two, and the sole survivor? To leave an audio comment, call 206-350-JASS(5277). Or you can always add a text comment to this page like Dave did for the last show by clicking the comments link or you can always send us an email at:

Show Notes
00:00 Date for iPod Shuffle Users
00:04 Intro Music
00:09 Palau Episode 13 Introductions
00:43 Best Tribal Council Yet
00:57 Listener Feedback from Dave
02:26 Listener Feedback from Sandy
02:30 Listener Feedback from Bill
06:24 Listener Feedback from Enzo
13:20 Sucker for the Clips
13:40 Tom and Ian Faceoff
15:08 Jo Ann's Early Prediction
16:00 Split the Girls Up
17:00 Fiesty Caryn Comes Back!
18:10 Tom's Preemptive Damage Control
18:58 Hey, Nice Reward!
19:52 Ian Blunders
20:12 What Was the Best Play at Reward?
21:23 The Women's Alliance/Katie Comes Clean
22:00 Caryn Forces Katie's Hand
22:58 Damn Women
23:15 Katie Wins Either Way
25:55 With Her Track Record?
26:30 Could She Get 4 Votes?
28:05 Caryn's Ambush!
29:22 "I'll Step Out..."
30:05 A Distinct Imbalance
30:41 The Girl Thing
31:58 Tom Panics
33:09 Caryn Knew
34:51 Finally, Caryn Fights Back
35:08 What's Jenn's Plan?
35:38 Picks for Next Week
38:56 Requesting Listener Picks
39:50 Good Night
39:56 But Wait There's More...
42:50 Outro Music

Here's our picks for next week. Jo Ann says Tom and Ian will stick with Katie to the final three. We both agree that Jenn will be next to go. Jo Ann thinks Tom and Katie will be final two. I think Tom and Ian will be final two. Either way, Tom wins! :)

Contact Info:
Voicemail: 206-350-JASS(5277)

Jo Ann and Stacy