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Survivor Fans Podcast

Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. Created in 2005, the Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering Season 46, their 37th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

Feb 27, 2014


Who saw that coming? Out of all the castaways, the nuclear engineer was certainly not our first pick for most likely to fail at all aspects of the game. Several of the new castaways including Morgan, Tony, Brice, Kass, and Spencer surprised us in a good way though. LJ and Sarah delivered as expected. Uncle...

Feb 23, 2014


It's only four days till the first two episodes of Survivor Cagayan airs. It can be tough to recognize the new castaways at the beginning of the season, but we've got an answer for that to enhance your Survivor viewing experience. It's called the JABBIC, "Judge A Book By Its Cover", shows. We get started before the...

Feb 17, 2014


Welcome to Part I of our "Judge a Book by its Cover" show for season 28, Survivor Cagayan. We have recorded our preliminary thoughts on each of the castaways including how well we think they will do in the overall game as well as their basic bio details to kick off another season of watching Survivor together.

Now it...