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Survivor Fans Podcast

Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. Created in 2005, the Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering Season 45, their 36th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

Apr 15, 2005

Welcome Back,

It's time for a rundown of episode 9 of Survivor Palau. But first, we want to say a big "Thank You" to listener E. He sent us a note to chastise us, for being so harsh with our assessment of Ulong's mental capabilities. As E pointed out in his input, it's very likely that Bobby John can read given that he has a journalism degree. Jo Ann thinks he's cute, end of story. I still think he might have had someone doing his homework for him, but getting the feedback and sharing in the discussion of the show is what really makes podcasting special. We really enjoyed getting that email from E. It made our day. :)

We'd love to hear from some of the other folks that are listening too. Send us your pick for who's going to get voted off next. To leave an audio comment, call 206-350-JASS(5277). Or you can always add a text comment to this page by clicking the "comments" link or send us an email at:

Show Notes
00:00 Date for iPod Shuffle Users
00:04 Intro Music
00:10 Episode 9 Introductions
00:11 Listener Feedback from E
02:00 Both Wrong Again
02:08 Happy for Steph
03:10 "I'm gonna have friends"
03:38 Coby Self Destructs
04:10 From Savvy to Silly
04:40 Boring for 2 Shows
04:57 Greg and Jen Need to Move Now
07:45 Coby Must Have Fallen Apart
08:40 Fishing Reward
09:14 Ulong Outwitted and Outplayed
09:38 Coby Spills the Beans
09:51 Stephenie as the Fourth
10:35 Tom in for the Long Haul
11:14 Smart Coby Takes a Break
11:42 15 Cookies
12:14 Next Week's Picks
12:59 Janu and Coby Get Played
14:00 Jo Ann Wants Steph to Win it All
14:31 Soliciting Feedback
15:08 Thanks Again to Listener E
15:22 Outro Music

Let's try this again. :) Here's our pick for next week. We both think Janu will be the next to go, but we're hoping that Greg and Jen can convince her to stay long enough to send Tom or Ian packing. Jo Ann's power play pick is for Greg, Jen, Janu, and Caryn to convince Stephenie to join them to break up the Tom, Ian, and Katie alliance.

Contact Info:
Voicemail: 206-350-JASS(5277)

Jo Ann and Stacy