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One World Episode 3

Happy Leap Day! We got another great episode to match this special calendar day. Despite their ongoing trials and tribulations, the Salani tribe finally managed to get their act together and put an end to their losing streak. They exited this episode triumphant at both challenges which forced the Manono tribe to confront their own dysfunctions, albeit somewhat less dramatically. With the exit of their first member we see a confirmation of who is actually in control of the men's tribe. Were you disappointed to see a potential, major villain leave so early in the season?

Who did you side with on the matter of sharing fire and shelter for access to the boat and fishing gear? Do you think the misfit alliance can hold together to control the destiny of Manono? When is the right time to try to flush out the HII? Do you think they made the right decision in targeting Matt?

Here are the tribes after episode 3.
Salani:Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kat, Kimberly, Monica and Sabrina
Manono:Bill, Colton, Greg, Jay, Jonas, Leif, Michael and Troy

The women have the momentum now and we both think Colton will get his way and vote of Bill when they lose the next immunity challenge. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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